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Resell/Rebrand PLR E-books

If you have ever wanted to write your own books, but can't find the time, or simply don't know where to start, MLE Enterprises can help you with our author consulting services.

However, there is another option: You can purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) e-books to resell! These books come with licensing rights and be resold as is, or you can rebrand the cover and add your very own input, reformat content to suit your style, and sell on your own website. 

Find just about any topic that tickles your interest, add your own flavor to it, and resell for profit. Don't put your dreams of writing your very own book on the shelf (no pun intended), but get started with PLR e-books and fund your project! Check out today and get started selling your very own, licensed e-books! 

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