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Seven women collaborate to tell their stories of child and sexual abuse/assault, domestic violence, bullying and attempts of suicide. The tragedies highlighted are common. Unfortunately, the triumph doesn't come for all.


This book seeks to help others who still struggle with past trauma, learn how to heal and help others, as well as help those still in abusive situations right now find the courage to remove themselves from it and begin the healing process. 


I Am A Survivor makes the perfect gift for anyone who has been, or is currently in: 


* An abusive partnership

* Experienced/experiencing physical, sexual, emotional abuse

* School, workplace or church bullying

* Experienced sexual assault

* Has attempted, or currently comtemplating suicide


Turn your tragedy, into triumph. We are not "victims"; We are SURVIVORS.


Contributing authors:


Michele Lee Evans

Lynnette Jewell

Felisha Ener

Takisha Glover

Quontica Conley

Angela Bateman

Phoenix Hansen




I Am A Survivor: Stories of Tragedy & Triumph

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Soft Cover

  • 332

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