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Bullying has been and still is a huge problem in our society, particularly with children and youth. Suicide rates by youth who have expressed that they were victims of bullying have skyrocketed over the last decade.   The reality is, we may never see a day when all people say positive words instead of negative ones; where people who may be experiencing their own insecurities, lash out on others.


So what can be done to tackle this issue and protect our youth?   R.O.A.R is geared towards victims of bullying and is a guide for parents on how they can address the issues with bullying. The basis of this guide is to teach children and youth self-esteem and confidence by stressing that other people's opinions are not a their reality. While words can hurt, believing them can cause serious and irreversible emotional damage.   R.O.A.R not only focuses on self-esteem and confidence, but provides children and youth ways to counter bullying using non-violent tactics and resources around them.  


The guide provides parents with no-nonsense tactics to collaborate with schools to put an end to bullying behavior. The F.A.A.B. Foundation also provides valuable services to parents who feel as though they are at their wits ends.   Although we may not be able to stop bullying altogether, we can begin ensuring that our youth have positive self-images and the tools needed to combat and end their own personal ordeals with bullying.

Rude Opinions Aren't Reality (ROAR)

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