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Interested in selling e-books with minimal writing, if any at all?
PLE Ebooks

Private Label Rights e-books are the new and profitable way to provide a tangible product, that you don't have to write. For a small purchase, you receive a completed e-book, on a variety of topics, including cover page, and extras.

Add your own content, rebrand the cover if you choose, and add your e-book to your website online book store to sell for profit. Visit PLR Book Magic to learn more and start purchasing your books today! Selling books has never been easier!

* Don't want to redo your covers, edit or reformat your new e-book? For small fee, MLE Enterprises will design a stunning new e-book cover, edit your project and format it for viewing across tablet, mobile and e-reader formats. Contact Michele Lee Evans for more information and pricing. 

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